The association "Genz d'armes 1415" is a company of people passionate about history and of which the purpose is the re-create the organization and the daily life of a military troop during the reign of king Charles VI of France (1380-1422). More specifically, this troop forms a provost guard, that is a troop of men-at-arms placed under the authority of the provost marshal appointed by the king. These fighting men, integrated into the royal host, are tasked with a variety of duties such as ensuring order and discipline in the army, the exercise of military justice, the protection of the civilian population, or the supervision of the supply lines.

           The context of this troop is mostly constructed around the French army that took part in the famous battle of Azincourt on the 25th of October 1415 and the provost marshal of the time, none other than Gallois de Fougières*. Having been killed during this battle against the English, he became known as the first gendarme in history to have fallen in battle.

*If you wish to know more about this character, we invite you to check out the blog of the "Gallois de Fougières" project :