Gallois de Fougières

"Or with chief indented gules in three pieces"

         Commander-in-chief of the provost guard, Gallois de Fougières is an experienced fighter and a proven military leader. Even though he is from the lesser nobility of Burgundy, having fought well during the crusades in Prussia in 1389 and at Nicopolis in 1396, his abilities allowed him to be appointed to the position of provost marshal by the king Charles VI of France in 1415. He is thus responsible for the discipline and cohesion in the royal host. Both a man-at-arms and a man of law, he also works to maintain the supply lines and to protect civilian populations. Finally, he is also often a good candidate to carry out diplomatic missions for the Burgundian court. His adventures come to an end at the battle of Azincourt on the 25th of October 1415 where he is killed.